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asian gourmet

lucy loo

spring is such a delight here in melbourne and can really stimulate the appetite!  we haven’t done asian thai in quite some time.

i was in a “go for it” state of mind, and  found several items to put on the order.  the saigon roll with eel wrapped in rice paper is divine.  rice paper is  a nice change from the standard wrap.  the sauce from the spring rolls we devoured for our first ap,  went very well with these too.  there are many choices in each dish for shrimp, pork, or chicken for variety.

i have never been to a thai place without my standard order of chicken sate.  what i really liked about this was the peanut sauce.  it came in a dish of it’s own and looked almost like ice cream.  it was smooth, yet really thick and extra tasty.  i can think of many things i would like to put it on.  maybe even ice cream?!

IMG_2345 IMG_2349

IMG_2352my main course was the classic pork pad thai and something about the way they cooked the vegetables was different.  they almost tasted broiled, although i’m sure they were done in a pan.  just a bit crispy, in a good way.  i do not enjoy vegetables completely raw in a hot dish, nor limp, these had a cooked flavor that complemented the remainder of my giant noodle and pork mountain.


of course, i got the thai tea again!  i have made it too sweet myself.  this was better than mine by a long stretch.  too sweet can sometimes ruin a meal.  that goes for any tea.  and if you have never tried it, please do sometime,  as the flavors do enhance the experience with this specific cuisine.

IMG_2357now, for my favorite thing.  i love experimenting and especially when it comes to dessert!   just think about this:  banana wrapped in sweet sticky rice covered with palm fruit and swimming in coconut milk.  what is palm fruit you ask?  our lovely host maria (a proud woman of her establishment) bothered to even bring us photos of the original vessel that it comes from.  you should google it because it is a wild looking thing, and hard to believe what was on my plate came from it.  i have never seen palm seed on a menu and do believe she may be onto something very unique.  she is on to something delicious.  they look like beautiful clear jewels with the consistency of tapioca pearls, and phenomenal when rolled around in the milk.  the banana was warm and equally as delightful to spoon up with the coconut nectar.

from the looks of the other patrons, this is a popular place for a business lunch!


i’m still full thinking about it all, full and very pleased.

vanessa too!

the front of the menu says it all “Fine Vietnamese Thai and Vegetarian Cuisine”.  the food is “fine” and the atmosphere is definitely Vietnamese Thai.


Maria, the owner, is a delightful woman who’s so tiny you would think to put her in your pocket so you could carry her while she educates you, with excitement, of her knowledge of asian gourmet.

IMG_2354 IMG_2341

Yuchen took care of all our needs and more, even though it’s lunch, she didn’t rush us through our meal.  we’re going to need a little time with this!

we started off  with crispy spring rolls that were filled with pureed pork and vegetables and served with some pickled cabbage/carrots and of course a spring roll wouldn’t be complete without some chili sweet and sour sauce for dipping.

before my entree…which i’ll get to…Yuchen brought us a cup of a salty hot broth filled with all kinds of fresh herbs, greens and tofu that hit the spot seeing we’re still having some cool weather.  add some noodles to the soup and it would be a perfect cold weather meal.

IMG_2346 IMG_2344

IMG_2350for my entree i had the pork in the lemongrass sauce.  so much crunch with the sauteed onions, carrots, broccoli  and bok choy.  this dish is so light and flavorful with a hint of cilantro and fluffy white rice to soak up this fantastic sauce.

all the dishes can be made for a vegan diet and you can also choose how spicy, or not in my case, you’d like for food.

thanks Maria for your enthusiastic self and i can’t wait to come back for another lesson of what you have such a passion for…ASIAN GOURMET!!

Asian Gourmet
459 N Harbor City Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32935
(321) 255-6471

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