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the bald strawberry


did someone say waffles??  you’ve come to the right place!

after getting settled in with some beverages; a refreshing lemonade for moi, the mother of this family business, linda, sat down to chat with us.  she is the picture of health and the benefits of paying attention to what ingredients one uses in their cooking and baking.   after a trip to spain, where she and the family enjoyed the repose of lovely bakeries and cafes, she decided to ditch the corporate world and do what she loves best, bake.  as fate would have it, shortly after, her husband became gluten intolerant.

IMG_3919 IMG_3918

back to the drawing board and lots and lots of research.  the gluten free flours were just not cutting it for linda so, she concocted her own (which she sells in the restaurant as well).  after they moved their location from canaveral to downtown melbourne, her son, joe, came up with a novel idea;  rather than bread (yawn right), serve everything on waffles.  linda was a little skeptical but decided to go for it.  and, it works!

IMG_3925i chowed down on the “morning melt” which involved ham, egg and cheese…… but the winner, was dipping my sandwich into a nice little serving of syrup.  gluten and sugar free means guilt free.  i was also crazy about the sweet chili corn chips and finished them off after my sandwich.

you can get anything from rubens to BLT’s to pizza and nice selections of organic teas.  if that is not enough, they have a bakery just down the way in the same shopping center.  you can feel the influence of europe, and the charm of the concept of enjoying indulging in a beautiful, and healthy treat.

they will soon be serving gluten free beer and wine.

so, there is a heaven for allergies!!!!!!!  the family that bakes together, stays together.

vanessa too!

fIMG_3928all is in the air here on the space coast and that means the holidays are right around the corner and i know to us at Red Truck Eats means a lot  of eating and drinking.  so if you want to do something good for yourselves we have the perfect place to sneak in some healthy choices, The Bald Strawberry.  located right off Sarno road in Melbourne this fantastic family owned restaurant  will make you think twice about how delicious gluten-free, dairy-free, eggless and sugar-free really is.

greeted by the owner Linda’s daughter, Jessica, i’m already feeling right at home.  we grab a seat excited about what’s to come as Jessica explains what they’ve got going on here and it’s a lot.  something for everyone from vegetarians, meat eaters like me and those who have allergies that you have to take into consideration when eating.

to quench my thirst today i had an arnold palmer, minus the booze,  half and half measures of homemade lemonade and freshly brewed all organic tea served to you in a mason jar.  feeling right at home!!

IMG_3929  IMG_3930

we started by trying out their homemade guacamole and salsa served with regular corn chips and some sweet chili chips too that were out of this world.  Jessica also brought out some black bean hummus for us to sample that goes without saying the best i’ve had.

now getting to the best part….the waffles!!  they’ve givin the waffle a whole other direction.  eggless, sugarless, dairy-‘free and lets not forget gluten-free.  sounds like it would be flavor-less but not the case….delicious!  i’m having the Joe Cool.  all natural nitrate-free turkey with roasted red onions,  banana peppers, melted provolone and some zesty mayo….mouth watering y’all!!  the waffle so light with crispy corners has me sold on eating everything and anything on these babies!

IMG_3924 IMG_3922

can’t wait to come back and try everything on the menu!

the bald strawberry…. a must!!!!

The Bald Strawberry
1248 Sarno Rd

Melbourne, FL

(321) 751-2803

The Bald Strawberry on Urbanspoon

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