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did someone order the perfect setting?  order up!!!!!  billie’s is  nestled among the shade of sea grapes and with a view of the atlantic in all it’s perfection.  you might wonder if you’re in another country for a minute.

because the food is made fresh (and that includes the bread that is baked daily) you only have to kick back and  soak in the atmosphere while you wait.  there is nothing unpleasant about it, as you anticipate whatever wonderful thing you choose off of the summery menu.

i have always been a big fan of the breakfast sandwiches.  they even offer one with spam!  the fries…….hot and pre-salted.  this does not reek of frozen fare that has been warmed up.  i chased the fries with a delicious steak sandwich.  really, the perfect size, opposed to the sometimes, overwhelming, amount of bread some places use to fill the plate.

i thought i was complete and content, but we had to indulge in the key lime in a coconut.  a pie, but served frozen, so it starts with a delicious ice cream texture and settles it’s way into a soft, creamy, cup of perfection.  these would be great for a birthday.

the owner bruce, indulged us with some great conversation!  i highly recommend interaction with this interesting and friendly local!

the prices are great to begin with, but they have specials that run continuously on given days.

this was a very successful stop on our travels!!!!!

vanessa too and k.o. kimi

today we traveled with our special guest, kimi, a tattoo artist from savannah, to bille’s burger.  we couldn’t have had better weather for lunch on the beach.  billie’s is tucked into a beach house in the south end of melbourne beach. we ordered our lunch with mary jane at the window-served eaterey.  you know if your ordering from someone named mary jane it’s going to be good.

i started with a cherry slushie,  a deal for a dollar,  and went with the grilled cheeder cheese on fresh baked bread.  bruce , the owner , let us know he makes a new batch of the bread every few hours and you can tell.  keeping with fresh made food, the cut to order fries were not to disappoint.

kimi had the egg and cheese on french bread loaded with lettuce, tomato and diced onions,  with the cheeder  being her choice of three options.

in conversation, speaking about the season of the “snowbirds”, my friend kimi had a very confused look on her face, looking up at the sea grape branches while bruce was making sweeping gestures with his arms.  we had to explain snow birds to her…

you have to love a man with a story.  bruce lets you know any dream is possible and he is an inspiration.

2525 A1A (Spessard Holland Park North)
Melbourne Beach, FL 32951
(321) 952-1999

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