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bonefish willy’s

lucy loo

one of the first places i was turned onto as a tourist in melbourne, was bonefish willy’s.  the setting on the river is appetizing in it’s own right.  i love the idea of seafood restaurants that make you feel like you are on a boat.

the novelty is never lost on me and from the main dinning area, with it’s darkly paneled walls and nautical accouterments, to stepping back onto the spacious double deck bar and dinning areas, to gazing at sailboats passing……..i can almost feel movement of being on the water.   you can also get on the water, by taking a stroll on the lengthy pier in the back.

IMG_2359 IMG_2421

we really chalked up quite a feast here!  there is almost an unspoken obligation to start with a beverage of alcohol.  sangria lined with a slice of lemon, lime and orange, made decision making  just a little easier.

IMG_2431specials on the board that day, that enticed me, were the grouper bruschetta (one of their signature dishes) and conch stew.  i normally think of bruschetta being a bread thing, but this was piled on an inviting island of pasta and nothing short of mouth watering.  the conch stew was a spicy combo, but mild enough for the sensitive taste buds, with a bevy of fresh vegetables.  i  could not help prefacing all of this with the oysters willy (another signature), now surpassing my favorite delight, oysters rockefeller (big shoes to fill).

 IMG_2439 IMG_2211

on the side, a must….. pineapple coleslaw.  this is something i had on my maiden voyage and have made it at home (with much less success) because of the craving it created.  this is only one of the unique dishes at bonefish.  then, there is the herb bread.  you know how you just would kill for some of those red lobster cheese biscuits?   i challenge you to not have the same feeling about this bread that is drenched in a liquid herb mess of goodness.  anyone can put butter on bread, to herb it up perfectly, is a beautiful thing.

i did get a little side of key lime hollandaise for curiosities sake.  i imagined all kinds of things i would love to smoother in it.  imagination gone wild.

i encourage a voyage to bonefish willy’s as soon as you have a space in your calendar and seafood needs to indulge.  don’t forget to say hello to “tom” the resident kitty.

many thanks to rory, who so kindly agreed to let us film our first video there.  we are very grateful. 

vanessa too!

nothing says spring on the space coast like having lunch on a deck overlooking the indian river and red truck eats have found the perfect spot, bonefish willy’s.

IMG_2376 IMG_2423

IMG_2362upon arriving the staff make you feel right at home and if you have any questions about their mouth watering menu lenny is the one to ask.  enthusiastically talking about the  place he went over all the specials with us including a homemade tomato basil soup that i had to try.  big chunks of tomato, topped with parmesan cheese and parsley had a great texture compared to other pureed versions i’ve had in the past.  homemade bread soaked in olive oil, oregano, thyme  and granulated garlic sprinkled with cheese was perfect for sopping up every last bit of the soup.

IMG_2212another special today was the corvina.  this light and flaky fish that  i had never heard of will now hold the title of one of my “favorites”.  i had it pan seared…you can have it anyway…. served over thick slices of fresh tomatoes that had been marinated in carribian spices and accompanied with roasted potatoes and a corn, carrot  and pinto bean melody were senstional.

i also needed a little turf in my diet so i ordered the beef brisket as well.  this slow-roasted tender brisket was full of juicy flavors served on a crispy hoagie smothered with sauteed onions and mozzarella cheese with horseradish sauce to give it a little kick.  thick steak fries really made for a great lunch dish.

IMG_2368 IMG_2378

my riverside lunch was perfectly rounded off with some sangria and friends to share this gorgeous spring day with!!

thanks to lenny, jase and brittni for taking great care of us and to rory and her sister for letting us be a part of such a magical place!

don’t forget to give tommy the tom cat a little rub while your there too!

did i mention it’s always 4:20 at bonefish willy’s?

Bonefish Willy’s
2459 Pineapple Ave
Melbourne, FL 32935
(321) 253-8888

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