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bummi rummi


this place rhymes with “yummy” and is!  i had a prior introduction to this new establishment when we remodeled our kitchen.  i was so delighted with the fresh offerings, that we became regular during this testing time.  now, that the kitchen is fixed, i still gravitate towards this inventive menu.  we were told that soon, they will be doing a new menu and offering organic, hormone free items.

bummi’s is located in the building beside bizzaro’s in indiatlantic, facing the beach.  i would recommend parking in the metered area (hence the red truck standing alone) as the situation is very tight in front of the businesses.  there is a nice patio with ocean breezes, and the interior is very off the beachy path.  it has a warm and private feel to it.  it is family run and you can feel that in the atmosphere.

bummi rummi 2 bummi rummi 3

bummi rummi 4as for the food, we kicked off with the “east coast” which involved salmon in a crispy egg roll wrap with some divine sesame sauce.  i had to make myself stop.  this alone would’ve been a perfect meal with a salad.  i didn’t stop there of course.  you would be so disappointed if i did!

i went for the “bummi’s” which is found under “signature” dishes.  i confess, i had it before, during the delivery rampage, maybe twice.  the shrimp is plump, the avocado fresh, corn tortillas tasty!   the “smok’n bird” is new  so i went for that as well.  i have had almost everything on the menu and recommend it all, but this bird was not typical.  it was a beautiful quarter chicken, SMOTHERED in a sauce.  a sauce so rich and thick, i just dropped my fork and used my hands, so i could lick it all off my fingers.  the chicken was charred on the outside and perfectly juicy inside, the crunch and chew we all long for.  you have several choices of sides.  my favorite is the cilantro lime rice, but this time i got key lime cole slaw.  have you even heard of that before?  not me.

bummi rummi 5 bummi rummi 6

to top off our satisfaction, vanessa and i went to starbucks after the feast.  our dessert?  carmel flan latte.  another great afternoon of feasting!!

vanessa too!

bummi rummi 9it’s a beautiful crisp…a little chilly…january day here at beach but good food is what we’re on the hunt for and just the name bummi rummi’s draws us in.  not so new to the loo, it’s a good thing she can help me out around this yummi menu!

one of the newer establishments in the indiatlantic beachside community, it has already made a name for itself with all the fresh/organic items on the menu.  tucked away a little it’s worth looking for and trying out.

we position ourselves at a 4 top table because who knows what we’ll end up ordering.  we came with an appetite!  Anastasia greeted us and  let us know they’ll be having more and more organic items in the coming months.

so many appetizers to try but i want to go with one of  my favorites, fried calamari.  flash fried served on a bed of fresh greens and your choice of a dipping sauce.  either ranch, marinara, lemon pesto aioli  or, our choice, a chiptole mayo.  the calamari was very tender, the breading pefect and the chiptole  mayo had just the kick i was looking for.

i love a portabella mushroom almost as much as a piece of read meat so when i saw they had one there was no question of what my entree would be.  rubbed  with garlic and fire grilled served on ciabatta bread and topped with greens, roasted red peppers and pickled red onions this was a mound of goodness!  it comes with a side and when i realized they had homemade onion rings i smiled from the inside out.  you must have a side of ranch to dip these rings in.

bummi rummi 7 bummi rummi 8

they offer i wide array of smoothies that i’ll be back to try out when i’m not so darn full.

everything at bummi rummi’s is made to order so freshness means it takes a little longer so make sure your not in a hurry.  you’ll definitely want to take your time and enjoy all they have to offer.

thanks…ya’ll are doing a great job!

Bummi Rummi
2 5th Ave
Indialantic, FL 32903

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