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the burger place

lucy loo 

not all burgers, or buns, or fries for that matter, are created equal.  now, i am sure of this.

IMG_3944the burger place has moved from it’s previous downtown location to a very central area, you can’t miss it (across from meg o’ malley’s). although they have been in business for a total of five years, this location seems to suit the atmosphere much better.  it really has that back in time ambiance from the decor, to the open grill, to a window where you can see the wondrous buns resting.  and, most days here in lovely florida, you can sit out on the patio.  to me, that adds to the feel of what burger joints used to be about, hanging out, slowly sipping on a milkshake (strawberry with maraschino cherry in my case), anticipating your custom made burger.

IMG_3940 IMG_3948

i said custom made burger.  that is new school because i don’t recall being able to do that anywhere before with so many fresh toppings.  and, not a build a burger bar, where things may not seem so fresh.  but, beyond the actual burger and toppings, the universe lies in the heavenly buns.  i contemplated how i could eat them plain for breakfast, maybe buy a bag of them and take them home.  that would not be as good as fresh out of the oven though.  the fries hold their own candle.

IMG_3943 IMG_3946

i like the simplicity of the burger place, a place where you don’t have to read the whole menu, and read again because there are so many choices.  these days, it is refreshing to transport back to the basics.  we have enough choices in the grocery stores.

the burger place is clean, bright with light, and inviting.  what a great place to swing in, take a load off, and put a little load on.

vanessa too!

if your craving a mouth watering burger we have the place for you….The Burger Place. located in downtown melbourne this is the place to go and get an old school diner burger and the atmosphere to go with it.

walking up to the counter all you have to decide are what toppings will create your perfect burger. this is no easy task because they have almost everything but the kitchen sink as toppings.

IMG_3935 IMG_3938

IMG_3945here’s how mine went…a mini with lettuce, tomato, sauteed mushrooms and onions, blue cheese crumbles, ketchup, mustard and of coarse mayo. it all fit and when it arrived at our table out on the airy patio i knew the only thing i had forgotten was the bacon. can’t believe me of all people is saying this but it didn’t even need it. all their buns are made at the diner daily and if you were having burgers at home it would be worth getting the buns here. so soft and light on the outside and the inside just a little crispyness that holds it all. together. let’s just say i didn’t miss one bite.

this meal was complete with a big vanilla milkshake that was amazing. not too sweet or too thick it was just right.
i’m already thinking about my next burger build and i know it’s going to be real soon!

thanks y’all….that was one heck of a burger!!

The Burger Place
811 East New Haven Ave
Melbourne, FL 32901

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