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cedar’s cafe


when lyn dowling of “florida today” recommends something, go!   she said that “cedars” was right up red trucks highway.  a place with an eclectic flair and eclectic flavor to match.

the space itself  is quaint and intimate, a real getaway from it all.   upon entering, you are already in another world.  you are greeted by murals, lovely lighting, mediterranean music and the smells, all at once.  it is a  dance that takes your hand into a preparation to dine.

our first surprise was rose water lemonade.  i have never heard of this.  it is nectar that is not sweet, but rather, like drinking a reviving tea.  and it smells…..enchanting.

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vanessa was already onto the apps selections before my second drink from the divine.  she was after the sampler plate to start, and grape leaves being one of her favorites, was a quick pick.  we decided on the falafel as well.  a dish i did not take to as a younger eater, but willing to try again.  this is one of those situations that i possibly had never had it done right.  i have a new choice food that was off of my roster for years.  my personal favorite of all the enticements, was the foole.  i’m sure most foodies have heard of it, i had not.  this is fava beans dressed with garlic, lemon juice, and an olive oil dressing.  the dressing itself, i could envision on so many products.  it was filling, yet, had a lightness to it.  our entire plate awakened every sense.  fragrances are a large part of eating, and this is one of the many things i like about cedars.

main course:  tabouli and susan’s kafta.  tabouli is also another new dish that i have grown to love on the space coast.  you get a hearty portion, even as a side, so make sure you are ready if you order a large.  the kafta is mounds of charbroiled  ground steak, parsley, onion, tomatoes, a bed of light rice with the garlic sauce drizzled beautifully on top, with little pools of hummus on the sides of the plate.  it is perfection.  it’s a meal that didn’t make me sleepy.  it made me energized!!

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before the checks, we are treated to a lovely little baklava.  i thought it couldn’t get better.  it did.

cedars is near the king center, but if you are not near there, i would highly recommend the trip.  it is entirely worth it!!!  wish they had pitchers of that rose lemonade to go, a cup for the ride home, was simply not enough!

vanessa too!

the red truck has landed in a mediterranean/lebanese heaven right here in melbourne, ceder’s.  when entering you totally forget that it’s tucked away in a strip mall.

robert immediately greeted us and after taking in this beautifully decorated environment  i noticed the teas and lemonades on the menu.  a choice of rose water or mulberry lemonde and what they call an “arnold palmer”, a mixture of 1/2 lemonade and 1/2 teas we both settled on the rose water lemonade for sure.  almost like sniffing a rose on a hot summer day while sipping on fresh squeezed lemonade.

of course next came that sampler i had been eyeballing and lucy described them to a tee.  one added fact i had never heard though that fava beans release endorphins that make you happy.  we all need a little extra of that especially with the busy holiday season upon us.

next comes one of my favorite dishes/wraps ever, a gyro.  like no other i’ve ever had.  filled with thinly sliced flavorful lamb topped with lettuce, tomato and of course the cucumber sauce that had huge chunks of feta cheese in it.  the pita was just thick enough to keep all it was stuffed with together so every bite was sensational.  honestly i don’t know if there will ever be another place for me to eat a gyro again…that good!


to our surprise as lucy mentioned we ended with some homemade baklava with big pieces of pistachios.


take some time during the hustle and bustle of this time of year and get to cedars for a relaxing lunch or dinner that will make everything okay!!

Cedars Cafe
4100 North Wickham Rd Unit 137
Melbourne, FL 32935

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