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da kine diego’s

lucy loo

i love some open outdoor eating…. especially, when it comes with mexican food!  why do i always feel like i’m on permanent vacation here on the space coast?  because of eateries like da kine’s.

IMG_2504 IMG_2506

they are fast, fast, fast with the food too, which is good because i’m pretty certain the line for lunch is as long everyday as it was when we were there.

IMG_2509the patios are shaded, surrounded with flowers, buffered from the street, and they even have a separate play area for the kids, complete with sandbox and a tiny person picnic table.  there is also a nice grassy area with a single picnic table if you want to be away from the crowd. … not us.  i’d love to come in the evening and enjoy a refreshing beer and see what it looks like with all of the strung lights lit up.  the military has a great presence here as well.  i imagine there are several regulars.  if i lived closer, i, certainly would be one.

IMG_2516the “insane burrito” caught my eye.  about anything you could want on it, and i chose chicken.  this thing is huge!!  huge!!  a cornucopia of  mexican (whatever you can think of: beans, rice, onions, cilantro, keep going) housing inside.  i was delighted to see that it came with instructions.  it almost needs adoption papers.  best to wash down with a nice lime jarrito….mmmm.  and why not sample the steak tacos, with rice, beans and chives, tomatos, pineapple and spicy carrot.  never have seen carrots as a mexican side and they should be.  with all of the warm and wonderful combos, the spicy carrots cleaned the platte.

IMG_2515  IMG_2518

reliving this in writing is making me hungry!!  so, “mahalo” yourself da kine diego’s.  we sure left ….. not hungry.  don’t forget to show some appreciation for our men and women serving our country.  maybe buy them a drink!

 vanessa too!

IMG_2505for any worn out surfer or a beach girl like me da kine digeo’s is the perfect spot to catch an affordable filling meal right across the street from the beach.

lined up out the door ready to order are locals and visitors alike giving you enough time to scan the menu to see what your beachside feast will be today.

sean greeted us at the widow with a cheerful smile and took my order.  we started with the salsa, chips  and guac. that were fresh and flavorful and kept us occupied until our main meals were ready.

IMG_2507 IMG_2513

IMG_2512the gringo star sandwich i ordered was served on a soft bun like bread filled with well seasoned pulled pork (choice of chicken or beef too), shredded chedder cheese  and lettuce.  i also added some sweet sauce, to add even more flavor, from the selection from spicy to mild to give your food whaterever kick your in the mood for.  my choice of two sides were the “local style” rice and black beans that were topped with a chiptole sour cream and more cheese…you can never have enough cheese!

the moto here is love-surf-eat and that says it all to me!  although i’m no surfer i “love” to watch the “surf”ers and their excitement coming off the beach to “eat” and refuel to go back for another round with the atlantic ocean and what mother nature has brought their way today!

thanks for a little peice of affordable paradise right here in satellite beach!


DA KINE Diego’s
1360 Highway A1a
Satellite Beach, FL 32937
321-779-TACO (8226)


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