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eau gallie river crab house

lucy loo 

have you been looking for old school florida?  the kind of eatery the family would go to on the weekends and toss a coin in a wishing fountain?  the kind of place with an actual view of a river?  we found it.

one evening we happened by the eau gallie river crab house on a whim.  after a most satisfying meal, fantastic service and watching the owner/chef, robin, go table to table to meet, greet and talk about her recipes, we decided this was certainly our next blog.

IMG_4013 IMG_4012

IMG_4022this has classic atmosphere inside, which is where we ate in the evening, but the place to go is straight for the back porch.  we were met by bernard, the robust husband of robin, who does everything from the crab pick up, to the cooking, to the dishes.    the couple have been running the place for 15 yrs. after a successful hotel and pizzeria business.  they have been in the area since “sometime after woodstock”.  bernard was super busy but came back by and sat with us and chatted on a couple more occasions, a colorful, friendly character you won’t forget.  he is a pleasure to visit with and, like robin, proud of the establishment and the dishes.

always good to cleanse the palate  with a nice cider.  good choice vanessa.  i just followed suit.  the crab balls we had the evening we came, were outstanding, so we ordered the crab cakes.  since we are at a crab house, no need not to chase that with crab dip!  if you are reading this, you’ve likely had crab and no need for me to describe how delicious it is.  having lots of crab options does not hurt, it just takes a while to decide how much you can possibly eat, and will you need a bib, like vanessa.

IMG_4019 IMG_4018

my main course was blue lagoon mahi.  mahi baked under a little blanket of blue cheese.  but, my absolutely favorite item (besides the crab balls) is the three bean baked beans.  i ordered them both times.  a different twist and not to barbecue saucy sweet……just right.  wish they sold it by the can!

IMG_4026 IMG_4025

bernard’s advice on our way out, “never trust a skinny chef”.


stop on by, sit a spell and eat a ton, you might even see a dolphin and calf like we did!

vanessa too!!!

IMG_4024The Eau Gallie River Crab House on the Eau Gallie river is the perfect spot for us to fuel up before red truck eats goes kayaking on this fabulous February afternoon.

whether your from different coasts like owner’s Bernardo and Robin there’s the common love of seafood and people that is truly shared between them.  fifteen years and still going strong.

being in the food business most of my life i totally believe Bernardo’s saying of “never trust a skinny chef”.  it shouldn’t even be allowed.

IMG_4017with this gorgeous view of the river from our high top table i’m ready for some serious eating….hince the bib lucy mentioned.

crab bisque????  yes please!!!  for some reason it’s hard to find a good one in florida but they’ve hit the nail on the head.  not a traditional red bisque but creamy and full of crab served with a baguette and butter that i should pass on but i won’t.

oh and here it comes…what i’ll be needing the bib for…the original crab house sampler for one.  two of us will be eating this but it’s more than enough.  trust me, a huge mountain of snow crab legs, steamed clams, peel and eat shrimp seasoned up with old bay and some drawn butter on the side.  can’t forget about the red potatoes and corn on the cob too….so good and so much.  these crab legs were some of the best i’ve had, meaty and easy shell.

IMG_4020 IMG_4028

started off my lunch with a cider and ended with a vodka cranberry.  they both just felt they summer.

Melissa took such good care of us today and getting to know Bernardo and his colorful past made the beginning of a great day even better!!

thanks ya’ll… know we’ll be back!!

Eau Gallie River Crab House
1120 N Harbor City Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32935
(321) 255-5257

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