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it’s getting time for the subtly of fall to arrive in florida.  if i mentioned egg rolls, gumbo and po boys, would that put you in the spirit?  it did us.

off to goombays to gear up for the coming holiday season!  to cleanse the pallet, a nice sangria on the colorful patio for beginners.  the seafood egg roll got my attention  immediately.  it is beautifully prepared tuna enveloped in very large fried rolls that are portioned up nicely, served with a duck style sauce and further brought to light with a remolade.  i enjoyed both equally with the fresh, hot, crunchy item.

IMG_3163 IMG_3175

before we arrived, i had heard great things about the gumbo.  they do it well and smooth.  it is not overwhelmed at all by too much information in there;  a nice basic, hearty broth chased by sausage and chicken with a portion of rice simmering down below.

i also got the veggies skewers.  i haven’t yet mastered skewering and grilling vegetables to perfection, and need it done for me.  they had a colorful, mouth watering array of squash, peppers, onions and tomatoes.  pretty great in that leftover remolade sauce as well!

IMG_3167 IMG_3172

i must mention that the kids menu looks very good.  goombay’s has a nice family atmosphere with plenty of indoor seating and an open patio.

it’s a good sign when you see a troop of service men/woman come in too!  they indulged us with a little photo session before a hearty meal.  again, we appreciate everything they do!

“goombay” is defined as a form  of bahamian music with a drum.  music to my stomach!!

vanessa too!

so excited about trying out Goombays today in Satellite Beach.  i know we’re in for some fresh cuisine just because i see Robert “Bert” Acosta on a daily basis buying fresh veggies and beyond at the Publix.  now i know why he’s always in such a hurry because i’d want to get back to make everyone as satisfied as we were.

i’ve brought an especially big appetite today and shrimp seems to be my theme, so i’ll get started with Goombays “famous” shrimp and crab bisque.  a creamy delight with big chunks of seafood and just a little kick.  i know when it gets a little cooler out i’ll be making this a weekly habit.

next i went with buffalo shrimp.  this is what buffalo shrimp should ALWAYS be like.  big crispy shrimp doused in a bright orange buffalo sauce…mild for me… and a little blue cheese for dippin.  you can also choose citrus teriyaki, spicy mango bbq or a thai chili sauce if buffalo isn’t your thing.

IMG_3165 IMG_3170

ok, one more shrimp dish to go…shrimp po boy of coarse.  the same fat crispy shrimp like before but served on a fresh bun with lettuce, tomatoes and a spicy remoulade sauce.  if that’s not enough the freshly cut fries cooked to perfection has topped off an incredible meal.

IMG_3176 IMG_3186

thanks Carisa for the 5 star service and a big thanks to Bert for a fab meal!

306 Hwy A1A
Satellite Beach, FL 32937
(321) 779-2495

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