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happy healthy human


the chill in the air is  gone and what better time to get back to a healthier lifestyle and Happy Healthy Human is the perfect spot to get started.  owner Jason has mastered the art of eating well and feeling satisfied at the same time.

i’ve stopped in to get some fresh carrot juice from time to time but today will be my first “dining” experience…. the first of many to come.

so many tantalizing choices but what grabs me is the onion bread sandwich.  a thin crispy onion bread with a nut cheese to enhance the flavor topped with avacados, sprouts, julienne veggies and a nut dressing.  served with kale chips this is as impressive as it sounds.

happy healthy human 3  happy healthy human 2

happy healthy human 4they have a variety of Kevita sparkling probiotic drinks and i went with the lemon ginger that complimented my sandwich to a tee.

next came, what in most cases would roll me out the door to the nearest couch, but not here.  what do i speak of….the ice cream sundae!!  a non-dairy soft serve banana ice cream topped  with blueberries, ginger snaps, crunchy buckwheat cereal and a homemade chocolate sauce made right here that’s actually good for you!

stop in and see Jason and Gabby to get started on becoming a happy healthy human!


happy and healthy are jason santini and his customers!  not only are you walking into a vegetarian restaurant, but a fully equipped mini health grocery that sends you out with all of the amo you need to do it on your own.  it is inspiring.

happy healthy human 6  happy healthy human 5

the vibe is so good in there too.  i love the staff area that is lined with salt lamps (they sell too) and there are giant salt lamps all around as well.  what a glow and i swear i could feel the positive charge all over my aura.  and everyone has “it”.  i think it is coming from within, where all the delicious things go.

happy healthy human 10 happy healthy human 11

happy healthy human 7i was so excited i immediately ordered up a shot of wheatgrass juice with a carrot-ginger chaser.  weeeeee, i’m just warming up!  jason brought us out a trail mix sample that was divine.  he also added a little “pizza” to our orders.  it was onion bread with sun dried tomatoes, i’m not sure what else, but just ask for it.  it’s not on the menu and was just something he was whipping up that day.

i had been tipped off about the tasty tacos.  walnut taco “meat”, avocado, veggies, sprouts and mac nut sour cream in a crunchy romaine wrap.  i didn’t leave anything, and it was so filling.  i used to be a vegetarian skeptic but some of my favorite restaurants are vegetarian (#the grit/athens georgia), and i don’t feel like such a slow mammal when i leave.  i left “happy healthy human” better than i entered!  now, go make yourself feel good and try it out!

p.s. if i talk about that delicious treat vanessa mentioned, i will have to get in the car and go back right now.  i can’t even look at the photo anymore.  i think it would make a lovely breakfast myself!

Happy Healthy Human
1869 So. Patrick Drive
Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937
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