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hula moon


when you live near, or visit the beach, there might not be anything more inviting than the possibility of some hawaiian chow.  hawaiian atmosphere is not hard to wrap around either.  nor, is starting the day with a juicy and multi-fruit concoction called “torch tiki”……. i’m half way to hawaii at this point of having just breezed into the “hula moon”.

you are greeted with very smiling faces, a large central bar, and those higher top tables (i personally prefer) that have loads of room for a large groups.  the feel is spacious and tastefully polynesian.

IMG_3376 IMG_3375

IMG_3391the specials board was delightful, and after reading the menu an additional 3 times (i’m decisive except when faced with exceptional choices), i went for the “kala lolo” (a.k.a. surgeonfish).  it was light, buttery, with lemon zest and mango relish over a bed of rice.  a very low density meal when you don’t have the luxury of an afternoon nap.  it was extra filling with fried plantains, which were especially larger than normal, and one of my personal favorites as a chaser to a meal.

i also sampled the pork banhmi;  perfectly pulled pork with pickled asian vegetables, a spicy plum sauce on a fresh toasted hoagie.  the hoagie really stood out to me.  i can’t always say that.  i’ve been to hawaii and had pork there, this was right up there on the same level.  i had been transported.  you could transport yourself with many of the offerings.  i haven’t seen a lot of these dishes on any menu anywhere but hawaii.

did i mention the coleslaw?  a non-mayo based, that was crispy, crunchy and  most complimentary!

our waitresses were especially charming and we also ran into some of our local military.  i know, if they are there, we are in the right place!

thank you for your patience during our brief hiatus…… we are back with our eating hats on!  we’ll see you down the road!

check out hula moon’s grand opening event on the 17th on their facebook page!  it’s looks like a large time!!!!  mahalo hula moon!!!

vanessa too!

IMG_3377there’s been a buzz around the beachside about the newest addition to interesting eats called Hula Moon, the name alone draws me in.

just walking in i know this is going to be a good one.  we’re greeted by the cute as a button Paige who immediately makes us feel right at home.  such a clean cool environment that keeps you in a beach vibe with a little polynesian flair.

i’ll of course be starting with something festive to drink, a strawberry mojito.  so fresh and yummy you forget there’s even rum in there.  i can imagine their huge bar is happening around dark thirty when everybody has had all the fun in the sun they can handle for one day.

IMG_3381 IMG_3386

we wanted to get started right away and seeing fried artichokes on the menu had both of us interested and excited.  lightly breaded artichoke hearts served with a ginger sesame dip was the perfect choice to tide me over until i decide on my main meal.  they were fried perfection!

IMG_3394the menu has so  much to choose from but from Paige’s recommendation i’ll be going with the Embargo.  very much like a cuban sandwich with ham, pork, pickles, and swiss cheese pressed between crispy on the outside and soft on the inside bread, oh and don’t forget about the mustard.  there’s a variety of sides but as soon as she said onions rings with such enthusiasm i was in.  she brought me some ranch for dippin the rings in as well as some polynesian sauce that had a slight kick to it.

no room for dessert today but i’ll  make sure to save room for it next time because as good as my lunch was i know the desserts must be out of this world.

they’ll be having an “official” opening celebration complete with fire throwers and hula dancers on May the 17th that i am sure will be worth checking out!

keep up the good work/food Hula Moon!

Hula Moon Tiki Grill
1900 Florida A1a
Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937

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