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first impressions….. well, they make an impression.  in the case of kibo, attractive is the first thing that struck me.  white linen table cloths and white lanterns made for an inviting dinning experience.

there is a lovely selection of appetizers, including “gyoza” a pan-fried dumpling.  it had the perfect consistency, rather than just another chewy dumpling.  it had a very unprocessed flavor  and a wonderful after taste.

IMG_3130 IMG_3125

IMG_3118the presentation lives up to the interior and every plating was an art form. i also ordered a beverage called “ramune”.  what is interesting about this soda, aside from the refreshing taste (i got orange flavor) is that the server asks if you want help opening it.  that is when i noticed that the top of the bottle had an unusual shape.  as i was drinking it, it also had an unusual sound.  there is a marble in the top portion of the bottle.  i thought the reason might be that it keeps it colder, but after a little research, it’s just a sealing method.  this is a very popular summer drink in japan.  i like anything with a bit of novelty, and even brought the bottle home.

i ordered hamachi (yellow tail) sashimi, and unagi (eel) and got very generous portions.  so fresh and the color of the pieces looked healthy, and tasted even better!   my main course was beef sukiyaki, a divine noodle dish made up of cabbage, mushrooms and tofu in addition to your choice of protein.  the broth is magical.  it came served in a iron caldron basically, something you would expect to see if you were eating at some authentic mountain retreat.  what was not impressive were my skills with trying to get portions of this into a bowl.  the server came out with special equipment;  2 laddles and tongs, after i made a few carol burnett attempts to get a noodle into my mouth.  they are big and require management.  i slurped and slurped and slurped some more.  i kept wanting to stop as i watch the level in the kettle sink…… but, i couldn’t.  it is a hearty, almost sweet broth.  not even vanessa could pin point the spices.

IMG_3132 IMG_3136

IMG_3140we even saved just a little room to try the green tea ice cream.  it doesn’t look like ice cream when you get it, as the ice cream is contained in a little ball that is coated in a bean paste that has a rubber consistency.  it is a perfect pallet cleanser for these flavors of japan.

we lingered a little longer and spoke with norm, who caught onto what we were doing with our cameras and overenthusiastic exclamations.  he has a smile that says “come in and enjoy my place!”  we did, we did!!!


vanessa too!

fall is some what in the air and this always makes me crave sushi so were off to KIBO’S Japanese Dining to get our fix.

in addition to  your traditional japanese dishes like noodle and rice bowls they also offer an array of sushi/seafood dishes.

i love seaweed salad so this is the first dish i’ll be trying.  it looks so beautiful arriving at the table i must admire it before diving in.  a deliciously fresh cool salad topped with a little cucumber and a slice of lemon, which i’d never had in seaweed salad  before, really brought out the flavor of the seaweed and sesame seeds.

I wanted sushi and an amazing sushi roll is exactly what i got, the dragon roll.  it arrives in a huge glass canoe like dish looking just like a dragon with avacado ears, red eyes  and the  crisp shrimp tempura tail.  i couldn’t believe the size of this work of art topped with grilled eel.  never thought i would be able to finish it…but i did!

IMG_3119 IMG_3137

norm, the owner/sushi artist,  has such a warm and inviting smile that will keep us coming back for more!

Kibo Japanese Dining
3760 W. Eau Gallie Blvd.
Melbourne, FL 32934
(321) 253-2426

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