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lucy loo 

i get more than excited to find a place that provides something that gets the dubious honor of making my “crave” list.  there might be more than one at mangetsu.

mangetsu’s location is having a very nice incarnation after being several other restaurants.  they did a beautiful job with the interior, providing both open, and more intimate spaces, in addition to a patio.  the decor is a  blend of inspired colors and trinkets, achieving a visual treat.

IMG_4141 IMG_4140

this is not the first time i have been to mangetsu and every visit has been consistent with excellent service and outstanding execution of the dishes.  niki was our server again today.  the first time we met her, and this round as well, she walks you through the dishes and offers suggestions, should you hesitate.  korean food was new to me and i was very appreciative, being that i am unfamiliar with the feeling of indecision.

before the courses, you are brought a beautiful selection of toppings, which are fun to nosh on, and taste test, prior to adding them to your dishes.

IMG_4149it was not hard to sell me on the dolsot bibimbap (try saving five times fast), a mixture of vegetables, meat and rice, topped with a whole egg.  it comes to the table in a steaming bowl, and you proceed to break up the egg, mixing and mixing while the rice is getting crispier and crispier. it comes with lettuce, garlic, sauce, should you want to make a wrap.  who doesn’t love interactive food?  this was the thing that made the crave list off the bat.

another satisfaction came by way of the beef bulgogi korean bento box.  i also spied korean bacon, samgyupsal, on the menu and gave that a try.  vicki did disclose that it was more fatty than regular bacon, so if you like the fat (i do) go for it.

IMG_4148 IMG_4146

most all of the plates and bowls are hot and steamy and you can option to grill your food yourself at one of the grill booths, again, with the interactive food.

i was obliged to clear my palate with green tea ice cream.  thanks again mangetsu……we’ll be back.

vanessa too!

the heat is on outside as well as in at Magetsu’s,  korean bbq, that will keep you coming back for more just like Lucy has.

IMG_4145 IMG_4143

such a great space that provides not only table top cooking but also nice booths with enough room for all the food to come.

IMG_4134my first time here so i’m finding it hard to choose but the seafood pancake to start with looks delicious and it is!  a variety of seafood mixed with egg, scallions and some garlic cooked to a light crispness and served with a soy, vinegar, sugar and sesame seed sauce perfect for dipping.  this surely makes any other pancake i’ve ever eaten less in comparison.  this would be perfect for any brunch party.

moving on to the main entree i’ll be going with the Tangsoo-Yuk which is basically a Korean style sweet and sour pork.  what sets it apart from your ordinary sweet and sour is the way the pork is cooked and that the sauce is a little more jelly-like.  the pork is battered in a solidified starch and water mixture that’s fried twice for super crispy crunch pork bites that stay that way long after it’s mixed with the thick sauce.  lots of mushrooms, onions, and other veggies make this the perfect korean dish.

IMG_4136 IMG_4147

all entrees are served with sides consisting of raw garlic, lettuce to wrap your meat in if desired, kim chi, dicon radish and cabbage, celery radishes, cucumber that have been marinated, kind of pickled, as well as soy and black beans so you can create your own flavor explosions!

IMG_4139 IMG_4150

can’t wait to come back!  it won’t be long!

thanks Niki for taking such good care of us and explaining everything.  what a great experience!!!

1212 E Strawbridge Ave

Melbourne, FL 32901
(321) 499-4988

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