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the mansion


this place is huuuuuge!!!  every time you turn a corner is another set of tables, and you can even keep that momentum to go to the top deck, where a nice view of the river awaits. IMG_3416 IMG_3415

i really love the different groupings of tables on the patios.  something is almost great gatsby about it, maybe the beautiful flowers everywhere.  i had been here before but never noticed another addition……a deli and cellar shop.  it took us a minute to settle in, but we found a sweet little situation in the bar area.

IMG_3413 IMG_3412

the specials sounded very nice but it occurred to me that it wouldn’t be so helpful to review something that isn’t always on the menu, and i was craving some veggies.  i was delighted to see so many options on the “sides”.  i got a healthy portion of andouille mashed potatoes (perfect, like my own personal baby food), nappa slaw with a chili vinaigrette (crisp and no mayo, refreshing) lemon pepper green beans (flavor sensation) and garlic spinach (just two of my favorite things in the world);  all fresh, all powerful, and all good for you right?

IMG_3425 IMG_3422

why stop there?  i “needed” an app for that.  spicy crab cakes would gear up the palette and they were not too breaded, which is always a relief.  i’m so not done yet because i should sample one thing that i rarely see on menus, just because it’s there.  how about a muffaletta the size of the mansion.  i had to unhinge my jaws to make it happen, but i was successful.  successful, satisfied and stuffed!  however, i needed a souvenir and came home with a bottle of a libation called “viking blod”, a mead loaded down with honey and hibiscus.  i’m going to clear the calendar to indulge.

IMG_3424 IMG_3419

IMG_3428as a topper to another fine quality red truck session, we run into joel from matt’s casbah!   mr. “best smile in town” happens to work at the mansion too!  everyone we spoke to was nicer than nice and made us feel like we were under the right roofs.

vanessa too!

here we go on another adventure to the mansion in  downtown melbourne, overlooking the river, that just started by figuring out the right place to position ourselves and when it ended up to be at a high top table in the bar we hit gold!  we had the best server/bartender that we could have ever asked for,  Danny, making our experience from beginning to end one i’ll never forget  and will only want him to take care of us when we return….and we will!  used to be known as the strawberry mansion they’ve made great improvements to the place., you feel like your actually in a little town with so many different places to explore.

just by getting to know Danny a little i know he’s an expert mixologist so i’ll be going with my all time favorite a mojito and i was not disappointed.   full of fresh mint, lime, a little simple syrup and rum…..did i mention the rum, yum!

IMG_3411 IMG_3409

IMG_3405 IMG_3406

continuing on to my next decision would be an appetizer that wouldn’t be a hard choice because every time i’ve been here i get the same one, wild mushroom bruschetta.  it’s never failed me and this time was no exception.  grilled italian bread with fontina cheese topped with sauteed oyster, shitake and crimini mushrooms with garlic, herbs, arugula and a balsamic reduction drizzle, it’s a must!

IMG_3421 IMG_3427

now for my entree i’m ordering something that seems so boring and common but not here at the mansion, the chicken tenders.  huge pieces of white meat chicken hand breaded and fried to perfection.  these are such impressive chicken tenders.  you have a choice of bbq or a honey mustard sauce for dipping but i went one step further and got some wing sauce and blue cheese dressing so thick and chunky,  the way blue cheese should be.

thank to Jeff the general manager for making sure our experience was amazing….and it was…and Danny made for a great end to the weekend!

see you down the road…ya’ll!!

The Mansion
1218 E New Haven Ave
Melbourne, FL

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