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matt’s casbah


you can’t miss matt’s if you are downtown!  literally and figuratively!  such a great place to bring visitors and we had my sister and her husband it tow to help us sample more food.

the last time i was there, a noticed a shrine near the door.  i got the opportunity to ask the history this round.  “pop” was the original owner who has since passed.  to keep pop’s spirit content, they have honored him with this shrine.  i probably never would have noticed also, that around the side of the porch, “pop” is still painted there.  these are such tiny details before you walk into the expansive interior.  i thought the patio was large!  every time i turned a corner was another beautifully laid out room.  the art work is marvelous!  the interior is well done and feels neither too fancy or too casual, just tasteful and lovely.

matt's casbah 22 matt's casbah 3

matt's casbah 19 matt's casbah 18

matt's casbah 12starters:  crispy pork dumplings on a bed of greens, with a sauce so good i ate all of that too.  i rarely nosh on garnish.  sister ordered the shrimp cocktail, and the surprise here was not the very healthy sized shrimp, but the beta fish that was swimming in the vessel.  A for original!  bro in law was kind to share his “matt’s favorite” sushi.  wow and i mean wow.  so pretty too that i could shellack it and use it for a paperweight.  sister also got the goat cheese salad.  this has been recommend to me twice and it lived up to the word on the street.  the cheese almost looks like some kind of burger.  it tastes like everything you want in a cheese.  pita wedges for the chaser!

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robb got the “bento”, which is a wonderful platter with sushi, sashimi and panko crusted chicken.  we split this dish on our last visit and it was perfect for two and at an excellent price.  robb liked it so much, even with a bevy of other temptations, he got it again.  i chose wahoo though, one of my new favorites since i have moved to florida.  you can’t beat it presented as a fish cake, on a bun with a special sauce and wallop of crispy fried onions.

matt's casbah 10 matt's casbah 9

matt's casbah 15the servers were very enthusiastic and ours,  joel had one of the best smiles going!

i’m not done…..key lime tart?  i’ll let the photo do the talking and you tell me.   i got sleepy from all of this work, so we headed down the street for a cuban coffee and a nice walk about town.  quality family time, i highly recommend!

vanessa too!

i’m in the mood for an adventure today so Matt’s Casbah seems like the perfect place to fuel up!  the highly active patio is perfectly positioned downtown for all the lunchtime people watching you can handle.

Joel, our server, is quick to give us all the details of what specials they’re offering and to take our drink order.  a vodka cranberry for me and my companion, Bryant, will start us off right.

the menu has so many different selections whether your in the mood for sushi, salad, sandwich/burger or flatbread pizza you can find it here.

i’ll be going with the white flatbread pizza.  roasted garlic, ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese should be enough but i’ll be adding some smoked salmon and capers to make this pizza have a flavor explosion….and it did!  crispy flatbread with all these fixins is topped with mixed field greens and their house dressing.

matt's casbah 5 matt's casbah 23

bryant has chosen the “really good” burger and it lives up to it’s name.  topped with sliced ham, banana peppers, crispy fried onions, mozzarella and chedder cheese.  oh and don’t forget the lettuce and tomato all served up on a toasted roll.  i can never decide whether to get the sweet potato or regular fries and here you don’t have to, you get both!  a generous portion of shoestring fries that’s like the cherry on top!

speaking of the cherry on top….the key lime tart is a must!  like loo said “the picture speaks for itself.”

matt's casbah 2 matt's casbah 21

you can really tell people come here not only for the incredible food but to catch up with old friends and enjoy the beautiful florida weather!

Matt’s Casbah
801 E. New Haven Ave
Melbourne, FL  32901

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