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melbourne beach market

lucy loo

super!!!! market.  this place is like a museum, full of visuals from head to toe and beautiful and exotic items.  i’m not sure i’ve ever said that about a neighborhood market, and  it is well deserved.

IMG_2179 IMG_2195

you could spend hours perusing the aisles and the exquisite cases full of pastries, meats, seafood, side items, cheeses, and olives;  loads and loads of olives!   if you were ever stuck for a meal idea, inspiration would only require you to step into the melbourne beach market and, problem solved.   i really should have brought my wide angle lens!

IMG_2184 IMG_2198

although there is some seating outside, vanessa and i thought, it being so spring like, a nice picnic by the indian river would be ideal.  there are many places, almost one at the end of every road, to sit by the water, and there are two nice parks:  ryckman by the river, and ocean park (you know where that is).  the fun, was loading our basket at the market.  it was like being on a game show, what to choose?  what to choose?

this being a picnic, we shared everything.  we even devoured a slice of pizza as an appetizer, while ordering other food in the deli.  we were that worked up about things and needed our strength.  on top of “main courses”, we got a selection of 3 sides, and 2 deserts.  remember, this is on top of pizza, which, by the way, is giant in portions and perfect crunch with enough grease.  nobody likes a “dry” pizza.


everyone in the supermarket, is also super.  you feel like you are dealing with a big family.  everyone from charlie (the owner you can always spy up front, working at his desk, or helping you with special requests), to every single  person that speaks to you, and they all do.  we even got greeted by some enthusiastic customers!

IMG_2203 IMG_2206

after a really fun time of shooting photos , looking at so many products, we settled on our loot and took off in our magic food mobile.

starting with the big stuff:  the gyros are loaded, extremely fresh, and if you like them at all….. get them here!  i can say the same for the cubans.  i am a bit of a regular at the market, and this was not my first cuban (try several).  melbourne has many, many great places for pizzas, gyros and cubans, it’s true, but can you get them all at the same place?  i don’t think i have run into that yet.


selections were overwhelming, but we kept it simple with:

some good old fashion ham salad, perfect and chunky, not too mayonaisey (not a professional word, but correct).  this would be great for an easter lunch.

the tortellini salad (one of several pasta salads), which was very robust.  it has a flavor that is completely unique.  i cannot put my finger on it, and know i couldn’t create it myself.

the chicken curry salad, i devoured.  it has raisins for a sweet upbeat and fantastic aftertaste that makes it really hard to quit eating.  you have been warned.

wash it down with “musette” sparkling limonades in orangeade and blood orange for a taste of france.  it was the perfect compliment.  you can find these on the far aisle where the teas are.  good luck making decisions over there.

IMG_2213 IMG_2209

for our grand finale……. baklava and chocolate cheesecake moose.  we choose the greek baklava (you have choices with these too), which just tasted like pure honey to me.  it was perfect in my book.  i know vanessa, as a great cook,  will do descriptive justice to the other because i do not know how to describe this wonder.  hey, i’m just the photographer.

welcome to melbourne beach spring!!!!  and thank you, thank you MBS for having a REAL grocery store!  go inspire yourself there and see what you come out with!  we bet you’ll be a big fan of shopping local after coming here!

vanessa too!

walking into the market , owned by charlie, there’s an ahhhh ringing in my ears and a bright light surrounding ron standing behind a case of beautiful sweets from love bug bakery in melbourne.  maple bacon donuts says it all ya’ll!

IMG_2169 IMG_2170

you know your in the right market when the first three rows are lined with every type of wine and beer you could ever dream of and loo and i have these kind of dreams!

IMG_2185 IMG_2186

there’s so much to take in but i’m going where my nose is taking me, to the prepared food area.  my eyes go straight to the pizzas …huge!  we got a slice of cheese and another with pepperoni.  let’s just say we didn’t make it out of the store with the slice of pepperoni, this would be the appetizer to what we’ll be bringing to our picnic along the indian river.

IMG_2173 IMG_2201

we perused the store…this took awhile…and made our selections for our picnic and off we go!


we started…even after the pizza…with ham salad that took me right back to my grandmother’s kitchen, that good!  now onto the curry chicken salad, one of my favorite foods, with big sweet raisins and it had some green peppers in it that i would have never thought of.  i will now!  tried out some tortilini salad that was heavily seasoned with rosemary and other fresh herbs.

believe it or not i also had an “entree”, a traditional cuban sandwhich full of pork, ham and cheese with pickles and yellow mustard pressed between crunchy cuban bread.  soooo good!

our refreshments didn’t only come in beautiful reusable bottles but the contents were do delicious it made me feel special just by drinking them.


but wait a minute…here it comes…desert!  ooh la la, homemade greek baklava and chocolate mousse cheesecake.  that should say it all but no i must explain.  the baklava with it’s flaky crust, nuts and basically soaked in honey made my tongue do a dance…a greek dance…and the chocolate mousse cheesecake, so different, with it’s three layers of sin.  the bottom was a spongy moist chocolate cake then the middle chocolate mousse and finally topped of with an airy cheescake.  we must have been real good girls to deserve this!


a huge thanks to all of you leslie, ahmad, brently, ron, and of coarse charlie for the warm smiles and a picnic to go down in red truck eats history!!!!

Melbourne Beach Market
302 Ocean Ave
Melbourne Beach, FL 32951

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