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mustard’s last stand

lucy loo

i never would’ve dreamed there were so many combo toppings for the stellar hot dog.  make something up in your head, they have it!

then, items you couldn’t make up in your head.  i am normally decisive……. it took me a while to settle on the “hula”;  pineapple, tomato, bacon, swiss, and jalapenos, on a squishy poppy seed bun.  mouth watering yet?  mine still is.  i think i’ll use their menu like a birder does, and see if i can check them all off in my lifetime.

alas, a hot dog is not complete without a side item.  “swiss fries”;  swiss, parmesan and garlic.  holy french fries batman.  i destroyed the whole thing!  there are numerous options for compliments to the dog of your choice.

“mustard’s” get a “hell yeah” from me!!!

vanessa too!

what better goes with a hot summer day but a hotdog from the towns favorite hotdog  joint, mustard’s last stand?  nothing if you ask me.

we got there just before the crowd and i order with caity  a slaw dog that has the perfect snap when you bit into it.  the creamy coleslaw that’s topped with paprika makes it perfect.  i’m a sucker for condiments so a little ketchup and yellow really does it for me.  bry orders a plain hotdog saying it’s so tasty there’s no need for anything else.  these are no ordinary buns either, soft and sprinkled with poppy seeds.

if your in the mood for a side the half an order of chili cheese fries is devine and the perfect amount for two to share.

i think it’s time for a nap because you always leave this hotdog stand/restaurant full and happy!

Mustard’s Last Stand

Historic Downtown Melbourne.
415 East New Haven ave
Melbourne, FL 32901
Olde Eau Gallie
1288 N.Harbor City Blvd.
Melbourne, FL 32935

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