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the nomad cafe


get out your passports and taste buds, we are traveling to an exceptionally diverse eatery!  the menu is not overwhelming, considering the cuisine choices that are offered.

nomads has such an appealing interior with crisp white table cloths, fresh flowers, lots of light and plenty of art work.  there is an impressive amount of seating for what seems like a quaint cafe.  it was completely full when we were there, and people waiting for seating as well.  apparently, a much frequented locale.

IMG_2557 IMG_2560

we started out by sharing a generous bowl of some of the most divine, chunky, and cilantro enhanced, guacamole.  the salsa was equally as fresh and satisfying. then, for me, the pulled duck salad.  this dish involves a generous portion of duck, cranberries, nuts, shallots, goat cheese, baby lettuces, drizzled with sweet balsamic.  the presentation was beautiful.  duck is a treat, not just to be reserved for holidays but, i don’t come across it much in food outings.  there is a lot on the menu, i don’t come across in food outings.  another example, the portuguese hash, one of the specials of the day.  beautifully portioned, with a mix of potatoes and an egg for a burst of flavors, this hash was outstanding.

IMG_2565 IMG_2568

i look forward to trying out a dinner at nomads and it will also go on my list, as a perfect setting to take someone to celebrate any special occasion.  nomads, unique, creative, and lovely.

vanessa too!

heaven called and said “get to nomad cafe!”.

you’d never know tucked here on the corner of us 1 and new haven avenue there would be such a great place here in downtown melbourne like nomad cafe.  just walking in i knew we were in for quite an experience.  surrounded by beautiful art and a cozy atmosphere my senses are on overload.

IMG_2558 IMG_2559

our host for the afternoon, kya, explained the tasty specials from portugese hash and thai steak salad in such detail that it’s going to be hard to choose until i open the menu and there it is!!!!….but i’ll get to that.

starting with, once again, one of my favorites, a creamy tomato basil soup.  it really hit the spot and got my taste buds moving especially when it’s this amazing.  And the amazing Golumpky.  Seasoned ground beef stuffed in tasty cabbage bathed in a delicious red sauce.

 IMG_2562  IMG_2561

bry had the beef tacos with pureed black beans and rice that had a fresh salsa that he explained as the “best salsa i’ve ever had”.

next came my entree.  wait for it…a chorizo burger….oh my god!!!  my dreams have come true!  who knew a beef/chorizo burger lives right here in melbourne?  well i do now and i hope everyone will rush here to try one.  topped with oaxaca cheese and a slice of pineapple on a soft fresh torta bun is pure heaven on earth.  this juicy delight is served pasta salad that was really good but to be honest at this point every part of my belly is reserved for my burger.

IMG_2566 IMG_2567

you guys have made such a great place to inspire us to try new things and experience how food should be!  thanks ya’ll!

The Nomad Cafe
2002 S Harbor City Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32901
(321) 327-2996

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