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i haven’t had italian this good since i was in NYC!

i feel like everyone had a local italian restaurant they remember growning up;  a place you would go for special occasions because of the atmosphere, capability for large parties, and delicious specialties.  this reminds me of that place.   and, at “that place” was the proud and welcoming owner/chef, who would come and check on your table for feedback and just to chat.  mike is that guy.  you will know who he is when you walk in his authentic establishment.

we were joined by some partners in crime as it’s better to have more mouths, to order more plates, to sample more food!  the guys started the fest with a divine minestroni, the likes i would return for, and go out of my way for, in a heartbeat.  it was bursting with flavor, things i couldn’t put my finger on, but savory and hearty.

robb got mussels, and although i do not eat them, i could tell by his focus,  and facial expression, that he didn’t mind having them to himself.  he chased it with a refreshing Castello.


meanwhile, i am getting ready to prep my taste buds with a stretch out/warm up before the big event.  i order “grandma’s antipasto”:  artichokes, rolled italian meats, fresh mozzarella, pepperoncinis and roasted red peppers.  that was enhanced with a glass of red wine from the very decent selection.  i was now ready for the main event after another bite of bruschetta.

robb had the veal marsala for an entree.  the smell alone should be bottled.  my mouth waters again, as i write.

i took to the eggplant rollatini with prosciutto deplama,  like a racoon.  if you even like eggplant or proscuitto….. mulitple that by ten and that was my experience.  i don’t think i have to even try to describe the taste of either if you are a consumer.


i had the cannoli.  yes i did!  the whole cannoli!!!!!!  beep beep pistilli’s…… you honked our horn!!!

vanessa too!

gotta big appetite?  i gotta place for you, pistilli’s.  it’s like stepping into an italian bistro right here on the beachside.

our server, donna, greeted us and quickly returned with a refreshing glass of chardonnay i chose to go with the italian feast i was about to dive into.  donna also makes the homemade chocolate mousse and key lime pie here at pistilli’s.  she won me over!

i started with the bruschetta , toasted homemade garlic bread pilled high with ripe tomatoes marinated in garlic, olive oil, basil and cheese.  this could be meal in itself.  next came a tradtional caesar salad topped with crunchy croutons and parmesan cheese  that got me ready for what was up next, a personal  margarita pizza. thin crusted pizza with big chunks of tomato, basil, slices of garlic and parmesan and mozzarella cheese.  the proscuitto was calling my name so i had them throw some on just to get a little extra meaty flavor.


even though i was full beyond imagination my feast would not be complete without a generous piece of homemade tiramisu.  wow!

pistilli’s not only has great weekday lunch specials and 25% off the regular menu early bird specials but they also give a 10% discount tot the military, fire and police department.  good for you mike pistilli, they deserve it!

the menu is endless with italian love.  pistilli’s will have you coming back for more!


(321) 777-2600

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