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red ginger

lucy loo

do you like the idea of the word “transported”?  red ginger is in the melbourne mall.  i was not prepared for such an emphasis on atmosphere.  everything upon entering red ginger is attractive, and there are no windows into the mall area itself.  from my readings, the locations at north wickham and suntree give equal attention to decor and detail.

IMG_5066 IMG_5070

IMG_5080for further transport, i decide to order  off of the “chef’s suggestions”;  that is on the dinner menu, which can also be ordered from at lunch.  a favorite in china, is peking duck.  a favorite for me, is duck in general.  if you take a boneless duck, put it on a plate of shaved scallions, top that with crispy duck skin, and serve with a side of delectable, plum sauce, you have a perfect plate in my opinion.  i did start out with the simple and refreshing house salad.  i love the ginger dressing that comes with those and it seems to set up the pallette.

IMG_5073 IMG_5076

our anonymous eater ordered  the stuffed creamy crab avocado with spicy sauce appetizer.  i don’t think you will find this on any other menu around.  baked avocado seems underrated, and to fill it with crab, an experience for the senses.  if i didn’t order anything else, i would order two of these!

IMG_5077there was also a ponzu grouper that arrived at the table.  served in a beautiful ceramic bowl, it was a steamy delight of pan fried grouper with broccoli, asparagus and mushrooms in a brown butter, soy vinaigrette sauce.  with a side of rice, practically all of your food groups in one beautiful package.

the service was on par with everything else, and i really appreciated topping off the beautiful colors of the interior, with crisp looking severs.  courtney took very good care of us and was knowledgeable of the dishes, in the way of having eaten them.  that is important in a staff as well.

red ginger is the literal name of li po, one of the great poets of ancient china.  that is a fitting name for a restaurant that pays attention to the experience as a whole.

Red Ginger
1700 West New Haven Avenue Suite #633
Melbourne, Florida 32904
(321) 951-8818

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