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lucy loo

if you enjoy visual stimulation, and like some rock & roll memorabilia as a back drop to fresh, delicious food….. you have arrived!! robburritos is as fun to be in, as to eat in.

can’t go wrong with 5 choices of exotic sauces!

i got a burrito in a bowl after our crew feasted down on the smooth cheese dip!   there is no lack of portion……. you will leave satisfied!

and as vanessa mentioned…. corn budin!!  that is a taste sensation!  it’s come to be a breakfast favorite of mine.

you’re close to the beach so you could head on out to sea afterwards and relish your full belly!

vanessa too!

now that the rain has cleared it’s time for a new outing with our very special guest, sandra, straight from macon georgia.  we’re greeted by glenn at the counter to order what smells like’s going to be some serious goodness.

so much to choose from but i stray from the burrito to the sandwhich part of the menu.  i choose the chopped pork sandwhich served on a toasted keiser roll.  this huge sandwhich has a texas bbq sauce that has quite a spicy wang that is perfectly served with what’s called slawsa.   this crispy cabbage, onion and tomato slaw has just a hint of vinegar that goes so well with the the spicyness of the bbq sauce.

to go i’ll be taking what is called a budin (booodeen).  this sweet delight is what i could only describe as cornbread/cake.  this will be wonderful for breakfast tomorrow or a snack later.  glenn also let us sample some of a loaf that had bacon in it that was one of the best thing i’d ever put in my mouth.   how can you go wrong with bacon!?

the food was quick, fresh and tasty and the atmosphere is like no other.  on your way out don’t forget to wave good-bye to the gal outside on the bench!

315 Ocean Avenue
Melbourne Beach, Florida 33951

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