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this palm bay institution came highly recommended!

i was told the wings and chicken pot pie were off the chart.  i have never considered the word “dreamy” to describe a dish……. but the chicken pot pie was DREAMY.  it defines comfort food.  the crust alone….. visually beautiful, and tastes of a flaky croissant.  once you get through that layer of heaven, down below is a perfect blend of the dreamy.  the portions here are soooo generous.   there is an option to start with a salad, and so to not be completely decadent, i did.  robb had a classic reuben that looked inviting but i had my priorities.

great atmosphere, with a collection of airplanes in the rafters.  it has a vibe, a really good vibe.  i can imagine dinner there is wonderful as would be just hanging out in general.  service is always a first draw and they have that down pat.

by the looks of their decorations, could be a great place to put on your halloween destination list.


this is good stuff!!!!!!

vanessa too!

walking into rooney’s down in the palm bay area i already felt right at home.  a group of regulars arranged themselves around the the horseshoe shaped bar made me think, “hmm i could hang out here”,  with pool tables on one side and the dining area on the other.

we found our way to a high top between the bar and the booths as we were greeted by katrina,  a peppy little server who knew her stuff.  although she had plenty of other guests we had her full attention.

the specials sounded excellent but i had my eye on the hot sicilian sandwhich.  if i had the room i could eat two of these pilled high with ham, pepperoni, bacon, tomato, lettuce, provalone and italian dressing served on a toasted sub roll.  this is something i would refer to as “buttery goodness”.  served with chips and macaroni salad i couldn’t ask for a better meal.

bry went  the  teriyaki wings with blue cheese and celery.  these wings are like no others we’ve tried in a while.  big, extra crispy wings with a thick sauce were enough to make us come get some if there’s ever to be a party at our house!

thanks katrina and rooney’s.  you made my day!

Rooneys Bar and Cafe
2641 Palm Bay Road NE
Palm Bay, FL 32905

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