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runway grille


you don’t need to be flying off to paris to find a reason to go to the melbourne international airport.  you do need to be hungry though.

IMG_3458i have traveled a lot in my time and in fact, my dad was a pilot so i have logged quite a few airport hours, and am familiar with the airport eating.  it’s not always run of the mill, but mostly, and i’ve consumed more than a few bags of bugels in them.  melbourne international not only has a great little restaurant with quality food and quality portions but honestly, it is also one of the most attractive airports i’ve been through.  it is open, light, clean and makes you feel like you are near vacationland.  not only that, but it’s fun to eat while watching planes come and go, and people too.

IMG_3451 IMG_3453

the seating area is large and very comfortable and the staff, topnotch nice.  if you had been blindfolded and dropped in the middle of it, you might not even realize you were in an airport.

IMG_3456i kicked off with some green tea and overheard a security lady order lobster bisque (soup of the day).  it did not occur there would be a soup of the day on top of the bevy of menu items (none too too fancy, just perfect items that hit the spot).  i got that for my appetizer, and drank it down while waiting for a much anticipated fish sandwich and a philly cheese steak (i had cheese envy since vanessa was getting the fabulous grilled cheese).  this fish was large and grilled marked in a delectable fashion on top of fresh lettuce, tomato and onion, and on a normal piece of bread.  you have probably heard me have issue with dealing with giant pieces of bread in the past.  i’m not a fan of bread swallowing my food first.  there was enough fish to even have to pick up a fork after the vehicle was devoured.  the philly cheese steak was no slacker either.  if you have ever had one, you know how good they can be!

IMG_3466 IMG_3467

it’s a fun place to go to lunch, something different, and you could even pretend for a minute you have a first class ticket to paris in your pocket…..

runaway at the runway grille!!!

*you can see a video of it on their web sight and get a good gander at the menu while your there.

vanessa too!

IMG_3442the melbourne airport is in itself the most fabulous airport i’ve ever had to frequent, which i do because a 40 minute flight is much better than an 8 hour drive to the Atl.  get there 20 to 30 minutes before your flight, walk through security with no wait or hassle and the next thing you know your in the sky.  well guess what….there’s another reason to fly out of there….the food at the Runway Grille.

the first time i flew out of the MLB airport i got there an hour and half early like they suggest and realized i had a lot of time to kill and for me that means eat something.  i did and i’ve been hooked ever since.

today was extra special because i wasn’t going anywhere but i got to go with the Loo!!!

Doug at the counter seemed very excited that we would want to blog an “airport cafe” but as we explained how much we always enjoy it during out travels he agreed the food is pretty darn good……and it is.

IMG_3449 IMG_3452

i always have the same thing….grilled cheese sandwich!  white bread please with cheddar cheese and a side of pickles.  grilled to perfection with the right amount of butter, oozing with cheese is the perfect thing to eat before you start what usually is going to be a fab vaca .  the side of pickles is a must for me when it comes to a grilled cheese and today i’ll be topping it off with some fat onion rings that’ll be dipped in ranch dressing…..yum!

IMG_3454 IMG_3464

another part of my pre flight ritual is a bloody mary.  they’ll make however you want…spicy…not so spicy…but it’s always good and puts me in a relaxed state that we all need flying out of Florida considering the weather can make for a bumpy ride sometimes!

Sue, the manager, obviously knows how to keep the food and service first class!!  thanks ya’ll!  see you again soon when i’ll have a ticket on an airplane!

Runway Grille @ Melbourne International Airport(MLB)
One Air Terminal Parkway Suite 220
Melbourne, FL 32901

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