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thai thai II

lucy loo

baby it’s not too cold outside, but cold enough to need some comfort food.  it doesn’t hurt to fill up on items full of ancient  healthy spices that can ward off any illnesses.  we chose thai thai II for our winter destination.

thai thai II is located in a shopping center across from paradise park in indialantic, should you want to take a nice stroll after a fulfilling meal.  the dining area is spacious,  full of nice natural light, and framed by the sushi bar.  the service, fast and friendly.  the owner danny, very welcoming and happy with his establishment.  they do a large take out operation and i had to inquire about the future of delivery, which he said is being discussed.

IMG_4039 IMG_4040

even though vanessa’s sake sounded very warming, i am a tsing tao girl.  i needed a beer for the task of reading the menu, re-reading the menu, narrowing it down, and re-reading the menu again.  we had to order some apps to bide our time and read again.  spring rolls were a delight for the assignment.  pretty, fresh, and refreshing……need i say more?

IMG_4037 IMG_4043

when we got down to business, we landed on the teriyaki beef combo, which includes sushi.  can’t lose with variety.  when i go thai, i have to have anything with coconut milk.  that led me to settle on panang curry with chicken.  so many curry choices…, green….sigh.  a coin toss.

IMG_4047 IMG_4052

still rubbing my belly at the thought of the satisfaction.

vanessa too!

IMG_4046thai has always been a favorite of mine.  no other food makes you feel almost refreshed instead of like you need a nap and here at Thai Thai Two they know their stuff and you can tell by the crowd here at lunch time.

with a chill in the air  this is just what i need.

Welly sat us at a table next to a window so we can enjoy this beautiful day and menu in hand i have some idea what i’ll be having but there’s always room to change my mind.  starting with some hot sake this will make the decision a little easier.

i’ve found exactly what i’ll be starting with, tom kha gai soup;  chicken, lemongrass, mushrooms, tomatoes and lime juice with a a hint of chili past and coconut milk.  just enough chili to clear out your sinuses without overpowering all the other flavors.

IMG_4042  IMG_4049

now onto my entrees.  pad thai is favorite of mine and when you find a good one, there’s no reason to go anywhere else.  today i have found “the one”.  sauteed rice noodles, egg, bean sprouts, scallions and ground peanuts.  these noodles were out of this world and i gave it a squeeze of lime to finish it off.

IMG_4050 IMG_4041

can’t have thai food without a rice dish so on to some sweet and sour chicken.  this was a beautiful dish!  sauteed with cucumbers, carrot, tomato, pineapple, onion, bell peppers and mushrooms topped with scallions.  simply amazing!  this entree came with a fried spring roll with a sweet chili sauce for dipping.

everything so fresh a beautifully prepared,  more like an art presentation than just a meal!

thank you Thai Thai Two.  you really having something special!!

Thai Thai II
2324 N Highway A1a
Indialantic, FL 32903
(321) 773-6144

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