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the jungle organic


thanksgiving and christmas, before thanksgiving and christmas?    this, was my take on our experience at the sublime  dinning area that is “the jungle”,  located inside their generously sized, health food store.


what a beautiful atmosphere out of another world.  i could have enjoyed doing yoga in there, or having long chats with friends, taking time to savor an extended meal.

i first discovered the store when we moved here, and was thrilled to find fresh meats that included venison.  i received much help with my feeble knowledge of the vitamins i was seeking.  joyce, was my first interaction with the jungle, and a delightful woman, who encouraged me to sample some items in the beautiful food case of homemade goods.  i bought a lot of products that day, and to my surprise, received a card for 2 complimentary meals.  one has to spend $150, but if you had the laundry list i did, not a problem.

as we begun our eating adventure, i was wondering where the cameras were for our food show.  well, we don’t have one, but we sure did feel like real foodies as the unending samples kept rolling out.  just a glance at the drink menu lured me farther into the jungle.  i ordered a cucumber, basil mojito that refreshed, revived and sent my taste buds into a spin.  after the lovely and enthused hostesses delivered more gifts, i got to sink my teeth into my main course:  a grass fed beef burger with all of the fixings, including a pickle that set off everything heaped between two grilled buns.  the pad thai was my side, a considerable improvement over fries, and one i never considered.

i was more than sufficiently full, wide eyed over the plethora of offerings, thankful, and yes virginia, there is a santa claus!  healthy and quality products, wonderful staff, and completely worth putting on your “must do” list!!   you’ll need your strength this holiday, and the jungle would be a good place to revive and treat yourself.

vanessa too!

welcome to the jungle!  walking into the jungle restaurant was like walking into another world with water trickling over rocks, colorful flowers and the  large aquariums filled with tropical fish.

we were greeted by the dynamic duo beck and kayla.  lucy and i situate ourselves near the water and fish and had no idea of the flavor explosion coming our way.


i start out with the jungle juice.  a concoction of organic coconut milk, mango, pineapple, rum, tequila  and triple sec topped of with a splash of simple syrup and club soda.  the duo also bring us 4 samples out of over 120 gluten free soups of the day.  we tried a butternut  squash and sweet potato, filet mignon chili, chic pea with dandelion  and a creamy spinach.  these soups are out of site… dynamite!

the chef was so kind to send us out the smoked salmon crostini.  oh what a delicate dish this is with smoked alaskan sockeye salmon and a herb cream cheese spread on toasted artisian bread topped with tomato, onion  and basil pesto served with a fresh baby spinach salad marinated with citrus.  perfect lunchtime meal.  thanks chef!

next came… i’m still having a hard time explaining how damn good it was…the balsamic roasted eggplant sandwich.  tender eggplant with melted cheese, tomato, onion  and basil pesto mayo served on toasted sunflower and flax seed bread.  you have your choice of chef’s sides of the day and i went with the coconut curried noodles that had a little spicy zing to them.

hands down the jungle was one of the best meals i’ve ever had that left me full yet energized and ready to take on the rest of my day!

happy holidays everyone!!!  our best, vanessa & lucy

The Jungle Organic
2500 N. Hwy A1A
Indialantic, FL 32903

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